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Funny noises from hard drive and slow access time


My issues is when I click on "My Computer" or "Explore" option on the start button, ther is a delay of several seconds (avg 10) for the drive designations and then a few more seconds delay for the Folders (Printers, Network... etc). I also notice that it appears to be reading the hard drive (clicking noise). Also, when I use the dropdown button there is also a delay, but appears not to be reading the harddrive, this is quite noticable when I use the Open "My Documents" box.

I don't have the energy feature turned on and I let windows manage the virtual memory.

Do I have to live with this delay ?, I have noticed that the Detail list takes longer.

Thxs George


This question was answered on September 16, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Compaq is infamous for using the Quantum Bigfoot hard drive in its systems Basically, these are all old, refurbished equipment from the early 90's that they cleaned up to use for cheap mass storage They also fail quite often If your hard drive is starting to make funny noises it would be adviseable to backup any important data now before the drive goes out completely Data recovery is very expensive and not for the everyday user in most cases After you have your data backed up to some other media than that hard drive, run a full scandisk with surface scan enabled to check for bad sectors If any bad sectors are found you'll want to get it replaced as soon as possible cause it's only going to get worse If your system is still under warranty ask for a replacement hard drive that is not a Quantum Bigfoot and see what Compaq tells you.

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Posted by Kirk of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on September 16, 2000