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How do I eliminate ghost problems on my monitor?


I just installed a reburbished Future Power 19 inch monitor

19DB02 and I find that there are 2 or 3 ghost images to the right of the letters, icons, etc. Device check and Norton Video Check report fine, degauss no help. Turning monitor no help. Checked drivers - reported OK. What makes ghosts like this on a monitor? I believe I can still work out an exchange on it but would appreciate what problem cause likely to be. Like in the old TV days when your antenna was in wrong direction. (dating myself) Monitor is about a year old, 12 preset modes up to 1600x1200. All menu options work. My 17

inch works fine. System video is fine. Am already on your email list. Thanks

Jim Joy


This question was answered on September 25, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You can try adjusting the horizontal location and size attributes either through digital or analog control methods, however your monitor works Set them as low as they can go and then adjust them to the desired setting If you still have issues with the monitor you'll need to get it replaced Also, test the monitor before you leave the store in case something similar happens with the replacement monitor.

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Posted by Leonida of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on September 25, 2000