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Taking advantage of "streaming media"...

Posted By : of Data Doctors on November 6, 2000

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As a proud new owner of a cable modem, what kinds of things should I be looking for when it comes to Internet programs?


This question was answered on November 6, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If you are new to the exciting world of broadband (high-speed connections), there are a handful of programs that you may want to consider downloading and installing so that you can take full advantage of your new speed demon! If you have ever clicked on a link and had your computer tell you that you needed something in order to view a video clip or listen to music, you most likely need to add a streaming media player.

One of the many things that those of us that have high speed connections can do is view or listen to streaming media in a much more effective manner than our counterparts that are still accessing the Net from a dial-up modem In order to take advantage of the wealth of offerings, we need players from various companies Some, you may already have installed, others you can download for free from the Web Video and audio streams are made available from thousands of radio and television stations, as well as music and movie sites, but they require various media players in order to enjoy them.

The following is a list of programs that can be downloading and installing for the maximum enjoyment of what the Internet has to offer:

RealPlayer  RealNetworks has created a de facto standard for streaming media (both audio and video), which is supported by most major web sites You can download a free version of their player at:

<a href=" "><font color="#003399">></b></font></a> (look for the RealPlayer 8 Basic link at the bottom left)

Microsoft Media Player  Most Windows systems already have this program installed If you want the latest version or if you are using a MacOS based system, you can download a free copy of this player from:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

QuickTime  Apples video streaming player is also capable of supporting VR (Virtual Reality) which can bring a whole new experience to viewing objects on the Internet Get a free version for either a Mac or Windows based system at:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a> (scroll down for the free download section)

SonicBox Internet Radio Tuner  This player has pre-programmed hundreds of radio stations so that you can quickly access them without having to go to their website It also has police scanners, air traffic control as well as a totally customizable channel for your favorite stations or you own MP3 library Get this free tuner at:

<a href=" EbjxCc freetuner.html"><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

Liquid Audio  This player specializes in audio and can really bring out the best in high-speed connections for music lovers! Get a free version at:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

Shockwave player  Macromedia has created a multimedia language called Flash that allows for very lively websites and animations A free plug-in for your browser that allows you to enjoy this new, rich media is available at:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

Winamp MP3 player  MP3 files can be played in various programs, but Nullsoft has created my favorite MP3 player Its simple, clean and does not crash when you ask it to play a large playlist You can download a free version at:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

MusicMatch Jukebox  If you have a CD-R/RW (a.k.a CD burner) and want to make your own music disks from MP3 files, you will want the MusicMatch Jukebox It supports most major brands of CD burners and allows you to convert MP3 files to a format that is usable in your car or any standard CD player on the fly Simply select the songs that you want on your CD in the MP3 format and the Jukebox takes it from there! Download a free player at:

<a href=""><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

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Posted by of Data Doctors on November 6, 2000

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