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Why can't I use Standby Mode?


I am having a problem with putting computer into Stand-by mode. I don't get the option anymore when I go to the Shut-down windows. I have to either Shut-down or Restart. Why is that? is it maybe something to do with the Power Options? Please email me!


This question was answered on February 4, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi: A visit to (search words: "standby mode") produced the following reasons why your computer is not allowing you to go to Standby:

1 Video Adapters: Neither the video adapter based on the Tseng Labs ET-4000 chip set, nor the Intel i740 video adapter support Standby Mode.

2 OpenGL Screen Saver: When you configure your computer to use an Open GL Screen Saver and the System Standby feature in Advanced Power Management (APM), your computer may not start the Standby Mode This happens if the OpenGl Screen Saver starts before the time you configured for the Standby Mode to start has elapsed Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) puts the computer in Standby Mode only after the CPU has been idle for the specified period of time When an OpenGL Screen Saver starts, the CPU is no longer idle and the ACPI timer for the Standby Mode is reset.

3 Device drivers are not ACPI compliant, or do not support a sleep level sufficient for hibernation; example: presence of Windows NT 4.0 device drivers in Windows 2000.

4 VGA Video driver: A VGA driver supplies basic video functionality only It does not supply power management functionality, because that functionality is specific to individual video cards To make Standby availble, install correct video driver.

5 Windows Media Player 7: Your computer may not be able to use Standby Mode if you install the Adaptec CD-R plug-in during the Windows Media Player 7 installation To resolve, either upgade BIOS, or download Windows Media Player 7 from this website,, then click to clear the Adaptec CD-R Plugin check box during installation.

6 PGP Desktop Security 6.5.3 or PGP Freeware: You are using PGP Desktop Security 6.5.3 and you turn on the PGPDisk feature; computer does not let you use Standby Mode To resolve, download the fix from

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Posted by Josephine of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 4, 2001