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What to do when downloaded programs screw up my system?


I had previously downloaded 2 programs to speedup my surfing(big mistake) they are called interquick and webecelerator. I decided to uninstall these and started with interquick. I used the add remove programs to do this. I haven't removed webecelerator yet. Every time I turn on my web browser (ie5.5) I can't get any pages to load unless I turn on the webecelator. If I turn it off or restart my computer the problem starts all over. I am afraid to uninstall the webecelator for fear that I can't get any page at all and will have no way of fixing this problem. I am not sure which program caused the problem. On the webecelator's web site it says it will reset the browsres original settings if I unstall it, but I keep thinking if it doesn't work I'm screwed. I am going to be able to get cable access in a couple of months and would like to solve this problem before that. Thanks in advance Mark Hopper <[email protected]>


This question was answered on October 18, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hello and thank you for sending your question.

A:I suggest that you uninstall both programs and start over like before you downloaded these 2 programs Reload one program and run it by itself If you are not satisfied with the result, uninstall it and then try the other program and run it by itself If you are not happy with it, uninstall the program and just wait for the two months until you have cable access.

Uninstalling both programs should take care of your problems It should take your system to where it was before you downloaded these 2 programs.

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Posted by Leonida of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 18, 2000