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How else do I remove saved web addresses from my browser?


Attn: Cynthia or someone who knows IE 5.5 / Win 98

Re: Question

I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 with Windows 98 How do I delete these files? Where are they hiding? I've tried everything!!!!!!!

Q: How do I delete visited web addresses off my computer after deleting temporary internet fliles and /history files doesn't work. I have cleared all history, temp internet files, autocomplete files, cookies, searched the registry for the web addresses etc and still these unwanted addresses appear on my address bar when I begin entering an address. All the other addresses are cleared but I have a few that just won't. What can I do to delete them? I have read through your list of questions but the answer is usually to clear history and temp internet files. That still isn't working. I do have a file on my cookies folder which is a system file called "index.dat" does that have anything to do with my problem. Help !!!

A: hi, i think you are using the netscape, i guessed so, if so, go to the "edit" menu, then go to the "preference" then you will see at the bottom of the window, it says "location bar history" then you click the "clear location bar history" then you will find nothing still in your dropdown menu and location bar. if you use explorer, try to explore out some of the same feature on their menu bar, i am sure they have similiar features listed some where.

good luck!



This question was answered on February 27, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I've got an easy answer for you on how to remove those pesky saved addresses on your browser.

- click start

- settings

- taskbar & start menu

- should see the start menu properties box

- click advanced

- click clear documents, web addresses

(the one with the trash can)

- your done...

Should do the trick.

Thank you for you question...

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Posted by Michael of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 27, 2001