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Error message: CTL3D32 file is not the correct version and is used for NT

Posted By : Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 9, 2001

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I loaded some new software and an error message came up that the CTL3D32.DLL file is the not the correct version. It is for Windows NT. Where can I get the correct version to download.



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This question was answered on April 9, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The following is an article which includes a download to remedy the solution You will need to go to the website to retrieve the download Common/Tech_6.htm


CTL3D32.DLL is Window NT Only

Problem: After Installation some of your software may not run and will report "This application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designated only for Windows NT systems."

Likely Cause: The file CTL3D32.DLL (version 2.31.000) that installs with Christmas for Windows is the latest version as provided by Microsoft Apparently this version of the DLL erroneously reports that it is for NT only In most cases the software will function normally once you bypass the message, however it is bit alarming Microsoft rides again

Solution: You will need to replace CTL3D32.DLL (27,136 bytes - version 2.31.000) with CTL3D32.DLL (26,112 bytes - version 2.26.000) in your Windows/System directory You can get the file from:

Off another machine in your office

From this web site CTL3D32.DLL (Click Here)

Download or Get the file from another machine

Replace the Ctl3d32.dll file in your Windows or Windows System directory with the older file (Note you may need to exit to DOS to copy the file over if Windows thinks that the file is in use)

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Posted by Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 9, 2001

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