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Why do I receive this error message when using IE5.5?

Posted By : Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 18, 2001

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WEll let me begin ive notice that lately when i try to go on to the internet or any of my software programs connected to internet are about to open i get this message saying that (please check your content advisor settings for missing information) it thens proceeds in telling me where to go to find it and then i see the rating systems and i add them in and the diable my advisor settings. and continue to browse but if i open a new page their is the message agin and then i get no page display until i go back into settings and do the whole process over i have tried downloading internet 5.5 over again for it to reinstall but that doesnt work and i even just installed windows millenium and no change someone said to restore the system but i have too much to lose and i dont even know if it will work so please see what you can do ill appreciate it thanks

This question was answered on January 18, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I am glad to inform you that I have found a solution to your problem I hope that this will help in restoring your problem


This behavior can occur if the Ratings.pol file is damaged or corrupted, or if there is another Ratings.pol file located in the C:\Windows folder


To resolve this issue, create a new Ratings.pol file:

Quit Internet Explorer.

Check your Windows\System folder to see if a Ratings.pol file exists

NOTE: You must be able to view hidden files to view the Ratings.pol file To view hidden files in My Computer or Windows Explorer, click Folder Options on the View menu in My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the View tab, click Show All Files, and then click OK

There may not be a Ratings.pol file in the Windows\System folder If there is no Ratings.pol file, skip to step 3 If there is a Ratings.pol file, rename it to Ratings.old

For information about renaming files, click Start, click Help, click the Index tab, type renaming, and then double-click the "Renaming Files" topic.

Start Internet Explorer, click Cancel to close the error message, and then click Internet Options on the Tools menu.

Click the Content tab, and then click Settings in the Content Advisor area.

Type the Supervisor password, and then click OK

NOTE: If you do not know or have forgotten the Supervisor password, please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance For information about how to contact Microsoft Product Support Services, please visit the following Microsoft Web site: Choose the ratings options that meet your needs, and then click OK

When you restart Internet Explorer, the changes take effect.

Good Luck.

Jackie Penkoff

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Posted by Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 18, 2001

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