Incorrect or outdated video drivers?


hello my problem I deleted everything out of My C drive

reloaded windows 98 Now My computer only get 2colors or

16 colors NOT 256 i try loading updated drivers also i have

a intergated Motherbaord PLease Help.


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Hello Imsara...... Thanks for the opportunity to attempt to help you.

I've been there and done that too It's not an easy task to 're-construct'ones OS.

In regard to your video problems, let me direct you to your Control

Panel and the System icon Double click the icon to open it and then

open the 'Device Manager' tab Then find the 'display adapters' line

and expand that list by clicking the ' ' sign Since I see you are using a 'Plug and Play' OS (Win98), it should enumerate the video card that is installed on your PC Highlight this line and click on 'Properties' at the bottom of the window This will tell you the 'who made it' and 'what version is it' you will need to locate the most current drivers for you card Print this information out or write it down Also make sure the 'exists in all profiles' check box is filled in at the bottom of this window You will then proceed to the card manufacturer's website and locate the most current driver(s) for your video card and operating system Download these to a specific file you've made/selected so you will always know where they are and also copy this driver to a floppy for back-up This is also a good practice for your modem driver.

After doing these things it is a small job to install the new driver

and restart your machine You will then want to go to the Display icon

in your Control Panel and reselect the settings you desire for your

display and to test them This may be time-consuming and annoying, but

it is thorough.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have more questions, need further assistance, and to re-connect to thru my webpage at

I hope this helps and good luck....


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Posted by William of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 22, 2001