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How do I reformat my hard drive and load Windows 95?

Posted By : Leonida of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 28, 2001

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I am trying to reformat this computer. I have made a boot disk. When I boot the system with it I get the A:> prompt. I type in FORMAT :C\S and I get a bad command or file name message. I managed to format from within Windows. ie, msdos prompt, but I could not access the D: drive to reload windows 95. I had a old version of Windows 3.1. I have tried to load that with diskettes but it does not want to load either. Do you have any suggestions? It is a Dell Latitude XPi P133ST, 640 base, 031744k extended memory. I also have a BACKPACK external pd/cd .I am not sure about the size of the hard drive. I cannot access windows 95 anymore.I know I have dug myself into a hole. Ronnie.

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Hello and thank you for your question

A:It looks to me that you typed the wrong FORMAT command syntax Try to reformat your drive with the correct Format command syntax.

From the boot disk with the system files that you created, type:

FORMAT c: /s/u

The /s puts the system files after the format so you can boot to it and the /u is for an unconditional format.

After you reformat your hard drive, you can then load your Windows 95.

I hope this helps you with your situation, if not please, let us know Good luck!



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Posted by Leonida of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 28, 2001

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