Do I have the right file extensions?


I scanned photos on an HP PSC500 printer/scanner/copier and they appear normal on the scan sheet. I save them to a folder in my new "D" drive and when I reopen them, it uses Internet Explorer as provided by America Online and the pictures are so large they cannot be viewed. Why is Internet Explorer being used to open these files which appear to be saved in Paint. I am doing this off line with my printer and my d drive. The printer was installed on the C drive. Thanks, Lynne


This question was answered on January 30, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hello Lynne! Thanks for the opportunity to help you If you're ready,

let's begin.

First of all, please, make sure you have the most current drivers for

your HP PSC500 and OS (Win95) combination Do this by visiting the

Hewlett-Packard website and tracking down the drivers from there If

there are drivers that are of a more current version than what you now have, save them in a file that you specifically designate for HP

drivers That way you can always find them again You can determine

your current printer driver version by looking in your Control Panel -

Printers folder - right click the printer - Properties - Details.

By the information you entered, I think you're file associations might

be inappropriate I will assume that if you open your Paint program,

select File, Open and 'Explore' for the file you desire, that it will

open in the correct program If it is too large to display correctly,

it is possible to re-size it by using the Image menu and Attributes


Now for the fun part!! I've been thruogh this learning curve myself

when I first got my scanner I'm thinking that you possibly (probably)

saved your newly scanned images with an incorrect extension to

automatically have Paint open them Paint loves to work with .bmp

extensions To re-save a file with a new extension, simply open the

file, select the File drop-down list on the toolbar, Save As, and name

the file with the extension you want (i.e., .bmp for Paint) Now you

will have two copies of the file..... the originally scanned one with

it's associated extension and the newly saved one with a different

extension I usually keep the original scanned version of a graphic

with it's associated .tif (extension) This way I always have the 'best effort' copy.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have more questions or need

further assistance, and re-connect to thru

my webpage at

I hope this helps and good luck....


(Bill -- [email protected])

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Posted by William of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 30, 2001