Why does my computer freeze up before finishing loading my applications?


Every time I start my computer, it fails to load all programmes and freezes. I have to restart it several times before it loads all progs. and I can continue. I am running Norton Utilities but this hasn't picked anything up.


This question was answered on January 30, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

First of all, nice call applying Norton Utilities to the problem There are often problems that would be quite difficult to detect, and even more troublesome to resolve that Norton's software can help with Does your version come with the latest virus software? If not, you may want to apply those utilities also

What your experiencing sounds like a software failure which can be caused from a couple different directions.

1) Computer Virus

2) Deleted or corrupted system files

a through unitentional modification

b possible hard drive failure

Your solutions would be to verify that you don't have a downloaded virus When that possiblity is eliminated completely, it may help to reinstall your operating system This would replace all missing files that may have been altered or removed

If it is your hard drive which is beginning to malfunction, it will be very important to rectify the situation immediately It can be very costly to have an outside company recover the data on your hard drive.

When a hard drive is beginning to fail it will make strange and new audible noises Often they may click, rattle, or whine more than usual How full is your hard drive, and how many applications do you have open at start-up? It may also be that you have exceeded the capacity of your hard drive and/or memory, causing it to run out of resources before completeing the process.

At any rate good luck with your resolution, inquire again if these answers don't do the trick Thank you for using our page.

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Posted by Michael of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 30, 2001