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Why did my HP Scanner 4200c stopped working?

Posted By : Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 5, 2001

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I have hp scanner4200c scanjet which has stopped working I did reinstallation of software but it just makes clicking sound and dosent work please let me know how to make the scanner work. It did scanning once in a while but agian it stops after restarting the computer next time.


This question was answered on February 5, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This is often a problem that comes up often with scanners I have researched your problem with the assumption that you are utilizing the USB port If this doesn't help you can resubmit your question, but remember to list any error messages you might be receiving and let us know if you are using a USB port or a parallel port for your scanner If you have any other issues, you can look this information up at:

ISSUE: The HP Scanjet scanner is not found when attached to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) on the PC.

SOLUTION: Verify that the cable, HP Scanjet scanner, operating system, and USB ports are configured properly by checking the following:

Turn off the computer and scanner (unplug the scanner)

Remove the cable from both the scanner and the USB port on the computer Then, reconnect the cable Ensure that the cable is inserted firmly on both ends; the cable must be inserted completely into the computer's USB port

It is important that both units be turned off for at least 60 seconds before being restarted Restore power beginning with the scanner then the computer

Place the HP Scanning software CD in the CD-ROM If the main install menu appears, choose Exit.

From the Windows desktop, select Start, Run, type in D: and press ENTER (where D: is the CD-ROM drive letter)

Select the file USBMGR.EXE and double-click it This will tell if the computer has USB capability

If the scanner cannot not be found, try using another USB port on the computer before further troubleshooting

Verify that the USB is set up properly using the following steps:

From the Windows desktop, select Start, Programs, then Control Panel

Select System then Device Manager.

From the device list, select Universal Serial Bus Controller It should contain two subcategories: USB Root Hub, and a second line describing the PC's own specific serial USB chipset The actual order of the two lines does not matter.

If any of these three lines are missing, a problem exists with the computer's USB configuration To troubleshoot this problem, contact the PC manufacturer, or the manufacturer of the USB card.

NOTE: Test the USB with a utility called USBREADY, which is available for download at:

Other documents to refer to are How to check your PC for USB compatibility before purchasing an HP Scanjet scanner for your USB interface.

The USB port may be disabled from the BIOS; refer to the PC manufacturer.

If unable to find the scanner on a USB port, please contact HP Customer Care.

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Posted by Jacqueline of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 5, 2001

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