Why can't I download from the Internet?


I can't download any file from the internet. Its stops at 1 or 2 percent and will not go any further.


This question was answered on February 12, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Thanks for submitting your question Your question could encompass dozens of possibilities Although you have not provided us with enough information for us to give you direct help, I can point you to a few places to seek help that would give potentially quicker results.

May I suggest trying to use the Internet Troubleshooting Wizard, an interactive tool you can find under the Help menu Click the Help menu of your browser, and search words like "download", "connection", "error messages" You could possibly find out what is wrong and fix it yourself by doing this.

Another thing you can do is contact your ISP (internet service) provider They can offer you direct, interactive support, custom tailored to your setup.

If you are on a network AND connected to a cable modem, this could cause problems Try disconnecting from your network, or contact your ISP provider for specific information

Failing all this, you could email us back, but please provide us with more information this time.

What browser are you using? Do you have trouble browsing?

When the download stops, is there an error message?

Do you frequently lose your connection unexpectedly?

Who is your ISP provider? Did you ask for and/or get help from him?

What kind/size of files are you trying to download?

You have a network card Are you connected to a network with it?

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Posted by Robert of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 12, 2001