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Why am I getting no power from my supply?



i hit the power button on my computer it does not turn on

and its all hooked up right (and yes the power cable is in the power supply)( and hooked into main board the main board is right all is right) but it does not make any sound at all none (nothing) none of my fans turn on no power why would i not be geting power i have a abit ka7 motherboard and this is strage is it my powers supply or case buttons (witch i cheaked like 999 times) or my mother board. this one has me stumped


This question was answered on April 3, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you are dealing with a power problem, it is best to start with the external source of power and work your way forward to the internal components of the system unit

1) It sounds dumb, and you may have gone here already, but plug something else into the power outlet which you are using, to verify that it is giving you 110v AC

2) Check your service cable to the power supply, ensuring that it is securely inserted

3) Check to see if there are any switches on the power supply that might be set to DC current instead of 110v AC (Some other countries don't use the same type of current as we do in the U.S and there could be adjustment switches set inappropriately.)

4) The next step in the process is eliminating the power supply completely, the best way to do that is to install a known working power supply (make sure that the one that your using to test has the appropriate amperage) in place of the questionable one.

5) In the unlikely case that you still are getting are getting no output at all to ANY of your components then you need to begin replacing them one by one with known working components, but considering they would all have to have failed simultaeneously, this would be improbable.

Good luck, and thanks for your question

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Posted by Michael of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 3, 2001