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Why is my system resetting by itself?


I have a 700 athlon with a k-7 atx ir3 mainboard. The computer will just click and restart by its self.The scan disk doesnt run and everything seems normal.Power managment is set to desktop.This happens mostly when you click on a program ,but somtimes all by itself . Thanks


This question was answered on March 6, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you get into this field you hear all kinds of stories about people having problems with mysterious resets, the strangest of which was the guy who had a computer that would restart every time he flushed his toilet In the end, he ended up having a bad ground that was attached to his septic pipe, which caused just enough electromagnetic interference to make his system reset

In your case it's probably something far simpler.

The key to finding the problem is doing what you already have begun to do, which is to isolate what occurs just before or after your system restarts, I.E.- clicking on a program, although you have said it will occur without doing that to.

The most likely problem is that your hardware is not communicating correctly with your operating system on some level, or it is set incorrectly In the first case you will want to make sure that you have a good install, re-installing if nessesary The 2000 set up program should identify your board, processor, and other hardware on it's own Just give it another shot to do this correctly If it isn't an incorrect program it may be a corrupted one This would be another good reason to reinstall.

There are also power control settings that monitor time between inputs and may shut your system down Have you checked your hibernation settings? When your computer finishes resetting itself, does it have the same folders open as when you left? Double check your Power Options and the four tabs; Power Schemes, Advanced, Hibernate and UPS Check and see what your settings are and whether or not they coincide with your problems, and either way make sure the delays are set as you would like them to be

If it isn't a software problem it could be an electrical one It could be an intermittent short in a power supply cable If a wire had become damaged and grounding out inside the case somewhere it might draw enough power for a moment to cause the supply to shut down and making the system reset everytime this occurs Or it may be, as in the case of our friend with the tricky plumbing, an outside power source effect Check all your outer power connections; at the back of your case (into the power supply), the quality of your cord, the quality of your power plug at your surge protector or UPS outlet, the quality of your power distribution equipment, their settings and their connection to your home power source Be aware of momentary dimming of incandecent lighting in your home and whether it coinsides with your resets to help identify the moments when a power surge might be occuring, and also identify possible nearby sources of electromagnetic interference; flourecent lighting, generators, heavier electrical equipment that your system might not be shielded from effectively, and other high power appliances and wires

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Posted by Michael of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on March 6, 2001