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What is the message ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI Steering Device?


ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering Device

I receive this message each time I do regular maintenance checks through McAfee. The message says that I need to fix this problem manually. I am very new to PC'S and need an uncomplicated, step-by-step directions that I can follow.

Thank you for any help.


This question was answered on March 25, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi: IRQ's, or Interrupt Requests, are numbered signals sent to the CPU to tell it that a particular Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), such as your mouse, keyboard, a port, a hard drive, etc., needs attention The IRQ Holder for PCI Steering means that Windows is "holding" or reserving an IRQ for PCI devices, which can share IRQ's, and "steering" the IRQ to whatever device needs it Older ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) peripheral devices each need their own IRQ.

If you go to, click on support, then click on knowledge base, you will find two excellent articles, numbers Q182604 and Q182628 that give a description of PCI Bus IRQ Steering, and show step-by-step how to disable it, which may be what the error message is telling you to do Good luck!

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Posted by Josephine of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on March 25, 2001