What causes memory parity error?

Posted By : Josephine of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 2, 2001

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What causes memory parity error? How do I correct this problem? I am new to the computer. Where would I go for help?


This question was answered on April 2, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi: First, a brief explanation of parity - your memory chips, called SIMM's (Single in-line memory modules), usually come with nine smaller chips called DIP's(dual in-line package)on them Of those nine DIP's, the computer uses only eight for storing information The ninth chip is used for parity checking, which is the computer's way of making sure that the other chips are behaving properly Some computer manufacturers pull the parity chip off the SIMM because they don't think it is needed; other manufacturers leave it on.

Parity errors can be caused by mixing different kinds of SIMM's (parity and non-parity) on the same motherboard; or by having a non-parity SIMM on a motherboard that requires parity SIMM's.

Parity errors can also be caused by having non-propriety memory chips on a motherboard that requires proprietary chips.

Finally, the error could be caused by defective memory chips.

The problem could be resolved by removing or replacing memory chips in the computer Since you are new to computers, you might not want to try this Instead, you might take the computer to your vendor and ask them for help If you do decide to tackle replacing the chips, I would recommend the book "Upgrading and Fixing PC's for Dummies," which I find very useful and easy to understand.

I would also recommend visiting the site www.microsoft.com, click support, then click knowledge base, and check out articles #Q134503 and Q142546 Good luck!

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Posted by Josephine of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 2, 2001

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