How do I set my motherboard processor speed?


I am trying to build a computer by myself. I have a ASUS A7V133 Motherboard with a 800Mhz processor Duron I need to know what the settings are for a 800Mhz Duron:)

If the settings are wrong do I need to take the processor and other harware out. To reconnect them again:) Is there a number where I can call so I can get phone help. I have put the motherboard in the tower already. Connected all the hardware modem*VIdeo card* Memmory*


Joemarie V. Jopanda


This question was answered on April 2, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Building your own coumputer is fun and fairly easy with today's Plug and Play fetaures

To help you specifically on your motherboard settings, I went directly to the website I downloaded the following description:

"The A7V133 is based on VIA® KT133A chipset in ATX form factor for the latest support in AMD® ThunderbirdTM / DuronTM 550MHz ~ 1GHz processors Such new chipset is ASUS's first Socket A version to incorporate 266/200MHz FSB and 1.5GB PC133 / PC100 / VCM133 SDRAM capability in the x86 platforms This marvelous mainboard features support for Stepless Frequency Selection, a new technology which allows CPU frequency setting to be set in 1MHz-increments and also Ultra-Fast DMA/100 data transfer, and AGP Pro/4X, etc The additional upgrades include RAID 0 support, 4 USB ports, and Promise® PCI-ATA100 controller for UltraDMA/100.

The VIA Apollo KT133A is based on an innovative and scalable architecture with proven reliability and performance It is a two-chip set consisting of the VT8363A North Bridge controller and the VT82C686B South Bridge controller Additional key features include support four USB ports, AGP Pro/4X, UltraDMA/100 and PC Health Monitoring."

Notice that it says "stepless frequency selection", which relates to the speed of your processor (your processor is supported!) You can download the on-line manual for your motherboard by logging onto, click on the link to your motherboard, then click on the link to the left that says "manual", which takes you to another page where you can click the link to your manual file--it is about 3.57 MB Use Adobe Acrobat to read the file and find the instructions for setting the processor speed Save the file for future use It is 100 pages long!

Basically, you will need to wade through these instructions to find what you need, but in general this motherboard features "jumper-free" processor speed setting through your BIOS software (look at page 22) Also, your BIOS setup disk should have a setup help file to walk you through the process.

Unless you are willing to phone international long distance, you won't reach a live person for tech support, but you can fax questions to 1-510-608-4555 or email to [email protected] Other numbers and addresses are in the online manual.

Be patient and don't be intimidated by all the instructions If you take the time to read through them, you will learn alot about your computer (and computers in general) and will be able to amaze your friends, not to mention feel confident about working on any part of your computer Good luck!

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Posted by Robert of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 2, 2001