How do I modify my Scandisk running at Startup?


I Start Shutdown my computer correctly, it shuts itself down and powers itself off, but Scandisk runs on every boot. There is nothing in my Startup folder (Windows folder, Start Menu, Programs, Startup folder) -- I checked the Previously Asked Questions section that told me to look there. Suggestions?


This question was answered on April 17, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You've looked in your startup folder for a shortcut that will make scandisk run every time you start and it's not there This is the only way windows suggests installing or removing this program from start up, but there are a few other places that Scandisk options are available in Windows 98.

MSconfig - if you click start, run, type msconfig in the box given, and click ok, you will open a window that can be very useful in troubleshooting Windows boot problems If you click on the advanced tab down in the lower right hand corner it will open a window with a list of troubleshooting procedures that are available and suggested for advanced users One of these is "Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown," and it will do just that This does not address the PROBLEM however

For some reason your computer feels that it has been inappropriately shut-down or disengaged Has there EVER been any problems during shut down? If so what was the occasion? How long ago was it? Answers to these questions might help us respond more effectively

Until then, you can check the properties of your scandisk file by locating it in your Windows folder and right clicking the icon It shouldn't run unless it has been modified to do so.

thank you for your question...

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Posted by Michael of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 17, 2001