Can I add a second hard drive on my computer?


We have bought a 2nd-hand PC from a friend. The hard drive is nearly already full & we would like to know how we can free up some space safely. I have deleted some files which I know I won't use & also used the DLL Archive Utility from

Analogx. Would it be worth having another hard drive installed? The PC is about 3/4 years old & is 133MHz processor.


This question was answered on May 7, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Thank you for your question There are two things you can do First, you can wipe out the hard drive by reformatting it and installing Windows 95, then you will basically have an empty hard drive waiting to be filled with the stuff you want to put on it Second if the hard drive is almost full I must assume there are alot of games, applications, etc.. that you a don't need b won't play c if you do want to use and or play, can't because they did not give you the floopy or cd and intructions so you know how to use it You should have the people you bought it from show you the files to delete If you want to try reformatting please re-submit the question providing as much information as possible as to how much you know about computers Two things you will need to do this is a boot disk and Windows 95 with the OEM number, with out that DO NOT try reformating As far as buying another hard drive I would empty the original one first, then figure out how much space you use on that before investing money in a second one If your first hard drive is full of stuff you have put on it after you bought it then yes, you can install a second hard drive if there is an extra bay for it.

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Posted by Scott of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 7, 2001