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Why is my pc always checking my floppy drive??


I have searched and found two topics pertaining to my problem, but neither is very helpful. My computer, as long as it is on, periodically checks the floppy A drive for no reason at all. Even when I am sleeping and the computer is on(and all programs are closed), it wakes me up when it checks the drive and makes that horrible sound because no disk is installed. It used to check once for about 5 seconds, now it checks four times and if I am working on an application I have to wait for it to cycle through all 4 times until I can start working again. Please Help!!!! Also, my hard drive seems like it is continuously running all the time, and I have no screen saver so that is not the problem.Thanks for any help!



This question was answered on June 8, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hello and thank you for your question.

Antivirus programs and First Aid programs can cause these syptoms It sounds like the pc is periodically running a virus scan, which is normal if you have one of these programs As for your hard drive I suggest you run Defrag, you should do this periodically This will help your hard drive be more efficient, it won't have to run as often or work as hard P.S you might want to think about adding some more RAM and maybe a larger hard drive.

Good luck!!

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Posted by Lanny of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on June 8, 2001