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Changing monitor out with TV


I have PII celeron 500 mhz system with 810 motherboard, a video and audio card on board .

My video card has 2 sockets written 10101(1and 2) and on second one a TV logo is there.

First one is of green color and second is of blue color.

Windows 98se operating system, 128 SD ram.

I want to replace my monitor with a television.

How could I do this?

What are the various methods I can use in this process?

And what will be the approx. cost I have to bear in it?

(My friend told me there is a wire on one end it has a socket of cable to be plugged in TV and another plug same as monitor have to be plugged in cpu.

When I asked at various stores they all say we don’t have anything like this)

Please reply soon. I will be very thankful to you.


This question was answered on October 22, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This sounds like a lot of fun especially using a TV as your monitor.

First if your video card that has the TV logo on it has a S-video port you're in business If not, you'll need to purchase one You'll need to purchase a TV tuner card, such as a ATI All-in-Wonder Pro, which sells for $150 These will go in your compouter's PCI or AGP expansion slot or connects externally to a USB port.

.If your TV has an S-video port, connect the video card's S-video port to the TV's S-video in port using an S-video cable.

.If your TV does not have an S-video port, connect the video card's S-video port to the TV composite video in port using the TV out cable and a composite video cable.

.If you want to send your computer sound to a compatible TV or monitor connect, your computer's speaker/audio out jack to your TV's audio in jacks using a 1/8" stereo audio cable and a 1/8"-to-RCA Y-patch cable.

.When you send your computer's video output to the TV, your computer monitor will go blank You cannot view video on your TV and computer monitor at the same time.

.Connect your TV to the video card's TV out jack BEFORE starting your computer


.Connect the video cable from the computer to the TV

.Start your computer

.Click Start, then select Settings, then Control Panel The Control Panel window opens.

.Double click the Display icon The Display Properties window opens

.Click your video card's TV tab--If you don't see your video card's TV tab, click the Settings tab, click Advanced, then click the TV tab

.Send the video signal to your TV by clicking Enable output to TV Different brands of video cards may have slightly different wording of this option, such as Output Device:TV.

.Click OK A message tells you that settings will be changed and that your normal desktop will be restored in fifteen seconds if the desktop does not appear correctly on the TV.

.Click OK The video signal is sent to yuour TV, your computer monitor goes blank, and a window opens asking if you want ot keep this setting.

.Click Yes.

you can now use your TV as your computer's display Restore the display back to your computer monitor by following the above steps, except choose to send the signal to the computer monitor instead of the TV.

Good luck and have fun.

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Posted by Jeffrey of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 22, 2001