Windows 98 Shutdown Problems


In shutting down Windows, 15 to 20 percent of the time, the computer shutdown reaches the point whereby the screen says "windows is shutting down" and that is as far as it goes. I then must manually turn off the power to the computer which results in the error message at the next turn on that windows was not shut down properly. I follow the proper procedure for turning off the computer but for whatever reason it just won't shut down. Can you help me to stop this from happening?


This question was answered on October 2, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Thanks for your question Since the question did not specify which edition, Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition, there may be different methods to solve the problem There is a confirmed shutdown problem with Windows 98 that was corrected in Windows 98 Second Edition The following will address Windows 98.

Problems can be caused by a variety of issues Some of the common issues are: incompatible, damaged, or conflicting device drivers; or incorrectly configured or damaged hardware; or compatibility problems with Windows 98 and BIOS There are several lengthy troubleshooting procedures that we could suggest, however, Microsoft recommends that you use the Windows 98 Startup and Shutdown Troubleshooting Wizard, located at "", (reminder, do not include the "" when typing) This will walk you through that particular computer and help identify the compatibility of your computer hardware and software configuration

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Posted by TomiD of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 2, 2001