I am getting a Check your Content Advisor settings for missing info message....


All of a sudden I cannot get on the internet. I use internet explorer 5.0 and have compuserve as a provider. Every time I click on either icon to enter either program, I get a check your content advisor for missing info prompt. I check my content advisor and all my settings are reset to 0 on a 1-4 scale. 4 for bad language, sex, etc. When it is on 0, I can't even get into compuserve or MSN, my default page for internet explorer. I change my settings back to level 4 and if I close explorer or compuserve and then go back in, the same thing happens. My settings are back to 0. Yes, I am hitting apply after I change my settings. I took compuserve out of the picture (uninstalled) same problem. Help. Any suggestions??


This question was answered on October 16, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi, This behavior can occur if the Ratings.pol file is damaged or corrupted, or if there is another Ratings.pol file located in the C:\Windows folder To resolve this problem, create a new Ratings.pol file 1 Quit Internet Explorer 2 Check your Windows\System folder to see if a Ratings.pol file exists (You must be able to view hidden files to view this file To do this, click FOLDER OPTIONS on the VIEW menu then click the VIEW tab, click SHOW ALL FILES, then click OK) If there is no Ratings.pol file, skip to step 3 If there is a Ratings.pol file, rename it to Ratings.old (For information about how to rename files, click START/HELP/INDEX then, type "Renaming", and then double-click the "Renaming Files" topic) 3 Start Internet Explorer, click CANCEL to close the error message, and then click INTERNET OPTIONS on the TOOLS menu 4 Click the CONTENT tab, then click SETTINGS in the CONTENT ADVISOR 5 Type the Supervisor password, and then click OK (Since you had not mentioned about the password issue at all, I assume that you remember your password)

6 Choose the ratings options that meet your needs, then click OK.

When you restart Internet Explorer, the changes take effect

Good luck and hope this helps solve your problem If you have more questions, please resubmit your questions.

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Posted by Phoenixaz of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 16, 2001