Missing or damaged .dll file


When I try to access System Information I get the error message-A required .DLL file MSVCP60.DLL was not found this also happens when I try to access the Help files in the start up menu.I am running windows ME. Thanks for any help.


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Hi, Possibly, this file has become damaged or is missing The MSVCP60.DLL file is a type of "Microsoft C runtime library" file.

C  is a programming language and runtime is a programming term DLL files are Dynamically Linked Library files

For missing or damaged files, the first thing to do is to try to identify where the file comes from To do so, you need to look for the file on your computer If the reason you are getting the error message is because the file is damaged, then it is still probably on your computer The only way to know for sure is to search for the file name:

For Windows Me, go to START, point to SEARCH, and then click FOR FILES or FOLDERS Type the name of the file you are looking for and then press SEARCH NOW

NOTE: Make sure that the correct hard disk is selected in the LOOK IN box

After the file is displayed in the search results window,

then you can look at the details of the file and see if it is an operating system file or if it belongs to another Microsoft product If you find that the file you are looking for is a Microsoft file, then you know which product installation disk you need in order to extract the file and reinstall it.

If the file is not found, try these questions below:

Is there a program on your computer that when you try to start it, it will not run? This may be the source of the issue If an important file is missing or damaged, programs will not run

Do you get an error message when you use a specific program? Maybe the core files of the program allow you to run the program, but as you are using the program one of the dependent files for a function you are trying to use is damaged The file that shows up in your error message might belong to that program

Did you recently install or remove a program or utility? If you try to install a program and it only partially installs, you may be receiving error messages because the program is looking for files that did not get installed Another possibility could be that you removed a program, but some of the files for that program remain on your computer, sometimes this can cause problems as well

View the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for information on how to extract Windows files:

Q129605 - How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files

The web page address is:


Good luck and hope this helps solve your problem!

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Posted by Phoenixaz of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 12, 2001