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Checking and increasing your performance percentage,


I have a new Dell with the above power and 1Ghz. I have had trouble with the computer constantly showing I do not have enough resources to continue a program.I don't think this should happen. On boot up, with nothing except the startup programs running, the performance shows only 61% free.I have been working with Dell for four months to correct this and they just tell me there is nothing the matter with the computer!! Am I being unreasonable to expect more power with this unit? Thank you for your comments!!


This question was answered on December 5, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

From what you describe of your problem, it sounds like you have a Resource problem Meaning that you have too many programs open, eating away at both the memory and the processing time.

If you have too many programs open shut some of them down, and you should be ok If the problem persist please continue...

Look to the lower right hand side of your computer screen in the window with the clock There might be some icons next to the clock These icons are programs that are running in the background Since they are running in the background they are open, and taking up processing, and memory time Some programs in this box do not need to be open For example Instant messanging service, Real player, real Juke box, and yahoo Some programs that are here do need to be open like a virus protection, and fire wall The quick fix to this is to just right click on the icon This will open a dialoge box with either exit, close, disable, or shutdown (Depending on the program) When you do this it should close the program until you want to open it later As you close these programs you may check the performance to see that it is making a diffrence in the percentage.

For all others out there to check the performance;

Right Click MY COMPUTER> a dialoug box will open with, these tabs GENERAL/DEVICE MANAGER/HARDWARE PROFILES/ PERFORMANCE

click on the PERFORMANCE tab, you will see these items Memory: 128mb if you have that much memory

System Resources: what ever the performance percentage you have perferably 75% or better

File System: 32bit

Virtual memory: 32bit

Disk compression and

PC Cards

Now you should be able to see how much of your perfomance percentage is free.

I hope this helped you.

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Posted by Eugene of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on December 5, 2001