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My monitor does not always come on wnen I turn on the computer!


Home-built computer

40gig quantum fireball 7200 rpm

AMD Duron 700

Nvidia Inno3d Geforce 2 TI

speedstream 3060 Adsl internal modem

256mb sd RAM pc133

onboard audio

Cant find motherboard idenfication

listings on award bios chip: 1998 pc/pnp 686 246401983

7aia0-d100c ctf9732-1 v1-0 08/10/2000 24c7

I think my problem is with my motherboard, but I can't be sure. When I turn on my computer, my monitor does not always come on, its like a coin toss whether it will come on or not. Sometimes it comes on right away first try, sometimes it takes us shutting down and turning back on 10-20 before it decides to come on. Once we get into windows XP, restarting always works, monitor comes back on everytime, but if we shutdown it happens everytime. We recently changed the video card from a 3dfx voodoo banshee, and we thought that would do the trick, but it still does it with same frequency. Once the monitor comes on, it does very well, exept for a few things (games) are not as they should be and some freeze completely everytime they are run. We can find nothing wrong with the software end.....We recently upgraded to XP from 98, but the problem was there with 98 also. We have tried everything. I seriously think its the motherboard, some settings screwed up or something. the video card is not used to its full capacity either. I visited other sites to identify my motherboard, but they go in circles and I can't use them. It is not the monitor, its brand new and we have 3 more they all do same thing when switched, its the comp, if the monitor does not come on, no keyboard lights will either, and it sits there, no grinding or anything, just hard drive spin up. IF you can answer this, it would be greatly appreaciated, thank you.


This question was answered on December 2, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


First, I would double-check to make sure the connection between the video card and the monitor is secure Make sure the cable is connected securely on both ends and is not loose After you check all the physical aspects of the components and still it's not working properly then here is a site you want to visit and browse through to troubleshoot for your problem

Visit at: and choose the topic on the left column.

Good luck and hope this helps if not, write us again!

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Posted by Phoenixaz of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on December 2, 2001