Understanding Defragmenting


I was talking to my friend about defragment my computer, but since we are both new to the computer world, we have no idea what it does. I only know how to surf the internet. Please can you help me with this, I want to know what I am doing?


This question was answered on December 21, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Defragmenting you computer.. well let me try to explaing it to you When you working a office, there are filing cabinets, full of files some old, some new Some of the files need to be shredded or put into another filing cabinet So what do you do? You go through the files organizing them and putting all the related infomation in order so that you can find it faster the next time you need it.

Defragmenting your computer is the same thing, cleaning up and organizing so that you can retreive infomation faster the next time you need it So the next time you want to defragment go ahead, but you better make time because dependig on your infomation it may take awhile.

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Posted by Eugene of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on December 21, 2001