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Why can I not get sound out of my CD-Rom


I have an internal cdrom. When I tried hooking up my scsi scanner to it the cd rom got bumped out. I finally removed the scanner. I tried to re-install the cd-rom. This is what happens now: It doesn't show up in device manager but it does in My Computer. music Cd's don't play, but utilites such as encarta and atlas do. Some cd's bring up a message that says.."system296 the file cannot be played on the specified mci device". They worked before and now they don't.I do not have a scanner hooked up at all now . The zip drive is Parallel. The cd rom is the only scsi device in the system.I went to pioneer and downloaded the cdrom driver, but it doesn't seem to help. What could I do? Sorry for the length of the question but I wanted to be thorough.


This question was answered on February 4, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

A: Here is a website that might be helpful with your cd audio problem:

Below is the text of the information (The most likely reason is the sound cable not being connected between the CD-ROM drive and the sound card.)

Correcting Problems with Playing or Hearing an Audio CD

When a user is unable to hear an audio CD being played, it is commonly due to one or more of the following problems:

An MCI CD audio driver is not installed.

The CD-ROM drive and the sound card are not connected.

The CD-ROM drive is not properly installed.

Place a data CD in the CD-ROM drive and make sure you can view the files in Windows Explorer or list the files at the command prompt If you can, then the CD-ROM drive is properly installed If not, verify your disk drivers (ESDI, SCSI, Proprietary, MSCDEX) and make the appropriate configuration changes so that you can view the files on a data CD.

The CD audio MCI driver is not installed.

In Media Player, make sure that the option named CD Audio appears in the Device menu If not, then the CD audio MCI driver is not installed or not enabled.

To verify the CD audio MCI driver is enabled

In the Multimedia option in Control Panel, click the Devices tab.

In the Multimedia Devices list, click the plus ( ) sign next to Media Control Devices

If CD Audio Device (Media Control) does not appear in the list, the driver is not installed See the following procedure for instructions.

Click CD Audio Device (Media Control), and then click the Properties button.

In the properties dialog box, click Use This Media Control Device.

To install the CD audio MCI driver

In the Add New Hardware option in Control Panel, click No when prompted to have Windows 95 search for your hardware, and then click the Next button.

In the Hardware Types list, click Sound, Video And Game Controllers, and then click the Next button.

Click Microsoft MCI in the Manufacturers list, and then click CD Audio Device (Media Control) in the Models list Click the Next button.

To complete the installation, click the Finish button.

The CD-ROM is not connected to the sound card.

If the CD-ROM is playing and there is no sound coming from the sound card speakers, try plugging the speakers or headphones into the audio jack on the face of the CD-ROM drive If you get sound, then check the internal or external audio connection between the CD-ROM drive and the sound card.

Good Luck

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Posted by Teri of Data Doctors on February 4, 2002