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Why can't I get my USB Printer to work?

Posted By : Becky of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 2, 2002

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Please help!! I've just purchased a new hp deskjet 845c printer and I'm having heck of time installing it. Here's the prob: My old printer was a Canon BJC and it was hooked via parallel, my NEW printer can only be hooked via USB, and there is a USB "thingy" in the back of the computer, I've put it in but, everytime I try and install it, it won't print. I've tried to do it through (I am @ windows 98) Wizard, but it can never find the port and it says verify printers port. It is not accepting USB, I've tried setup etc, through drive "d" but it always says "drive d not find." It is set up the right way, the USB plug is hooked up in the back of the computer, the printer light is on, it's plugged in, etc... I've tried "add printer", etc.. I've checked the bios, etc.. It says call Manufacturer to verify port or to find a "matachable port thingy.." But I don't have the number of the manufacturer.. I've tried it thorugh USB, file:, LTT1, COM1, 2 AND 3 ETC.. WHAT do I do to get my hp deskjet 845c to print? It seems as though the computer is not even responding to printer, it can't find it, it's almost as if the configurations for a printer setup are all messed up.. Could it be that my computer at windows 98 simply cannot take a USB setup?? Also, my computer constantly says "HLL ICQCORE FILE MISSING." DOES THIS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHY THE PRINTING IS NOT CONFIGURING?? I just want it to print on and offline, what do I do to get the printer to print??? Nothing is working...


This question was answered on February 2, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

With many USB devices you must first install the hardward before connecting to the USB port If you are plugged in to the port while you are installing the software will not be able to configure that port because it doesn't know it is available

If your "HLL ICQCORE FILLING MISSING" has occurred after you began installing you printer you may have accidentlly removed it It may be in your recycle bin and you can refresh it from there or you may have to reinstall ICQ



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Posted by Becky of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 2, 2002

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