Why has my new security program locked me out?


Ok well I have big trouble. Just 2 days ago, I installed a security program named smart98, this program blocks the computer. I installed the program and then when I must put in the password the password that I wrote down didn’t work, it should but it doesn’t. I tried to go to dos and nothing, go to a word document and nothing, and I don’t now what to do because I have important docs in my hard disk and I don’t want to loose that. I’ll be thankful if you can help me with this, I don’t know what to do and I’ll become crazy if I can't resolve this.




This question was answered on February 1, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Security programs by nature have few "backdoors" to reset your password In security programs, including Smart98, a default security is activated when the program is installed in which some software or interface components are under security without any possibility to use them All files and folders are in Read Only mode The user (often referred to as the administrator) must then register the password to be able to modify this (default) security If you have registered your password and are still locked out from you programs and files, it is recommend that you contact technical support Smart98 offers free support to its users and can be contacted at:

([email protected]) or by phone at (450) 359-1900

(procedure copied from: http://www.novasdi.com/smart98.htm )

To register your password in Smart98 and then take away or modify this security ( Default Security )follow this procedure:

1 Click on the taskbar to maximize Smart98 ): a form will appear the B Smart98

2 Click on the B2 Password button The C Password form appears.

3 Choose and enter a password with letters and numbers, no zeroes in the C.14 Enter password edit box.

Warning ! Remember this password If this password is lost communicate with the technical support.

4 Click on C.15 OK button At the first activation, Smart98 will ask you to confirm your password ( ref D Confirm Password ) Retype your password and click "OK After this procedure the B.12 Traffic light Icon in the B Smart98 form will change from red to green The password of Smart98 is used like a switch to activate or deactivate the security.

5 With the green traffic light the administrator can change the security of programs, Windows95 or 98 interface components, setup and files To do so, the administrator clicks on the button B.3 Configuration and has access to F Smart98 Menu .

6 With Smart98 Menu the administrator can first select F.25 Programs Shortcut to obtain the program's list that is linked to Smart98, secure or not The administrator, later on, has access with F 26 Security Configuration to the four types of Smart98 security.

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Posted by Becky of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 1, 2002