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Can I upgrade my memory from 100Mhz to 133Mhz?


I have an Intel 810e chipset that currently has 128mb sdram dimm 100mhz unbuffered memory. I want to add 256mb in the other slot. Can I use a pc-133 133mhz stick in that slot and will I get the full 256mb or do I need to stay with a 256 pc-100 100mhz stick? You have a great show. Thanks, Tom


This question was answered on February 13, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


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You need to stay with the 100Mhz memory The Chipset clock speed is set for 100Mhz, so the 133Mhz memory stick will not work.

To read up on memory and the specific requirements, you may want to go to: This website should answer any or all the questions you may have.

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Posted by Teri of Data Doctors on February 13, 2002