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How can I stop the Windows logo screen from displaying at startup?

Posted By : Debbi of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 5, 2002

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I basically already have the answer but I need to vaildate it with an expert so someone will believe me. I was doing some work for someone using their IBM thinkpad 770. I was doing a multimedia presentation(Director 8) for them free of charge just so I could have computer access and further learn the program. However they started noticing things that were probably there all along but just hadn't observed them previously. He is accusing me of doing things to his computer because of misinterpreting these things. He thinks that I have loaded another operating system(win95)and that it is running simultaneously with Windows 98. I have been told that Windows 98, when it starts up says "Windows 95 starting up" and then you see the screen and logo for Windows 98. At least two people described this as a "commercial glitch". They are saying that windows 98 is still windows 95 only with a few improvements and Microsoft never bothered to change the intro. Is this true? He is very irrational and threatening me so I really wish you could please confirm this or not.

Thank you very much.


This question was answered on May 5, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I found a Microsoft article at that explains this problem, it's cause, and the resolution I can provide the link for you, as I'm sure you would like to print the original article for your friend The article is located here:;en-us;Q190645

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Posted by Debbi of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 5, 2002

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