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Disable JavaScript to disable pop-up ads! But...


Disable JavaScript to disable pop-up ads! But...


This question was answered on May 3, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If pop-up windows are bothering and confusing you or even crashing your browser, you can elminate them forever by turning off JavaScript in the browser Without JavaScript, sites cannot generate pop-up or pop-under windows

Radical Surgery

BUT, by disabling JavaScript you may miss out on some page functionality For example, some sites have interactive menu graphics that animate when your mouse passes over them

Because JavaScript is used quite extensively on the web for both good and bad uses, you may find that many sites no longer work properly.

We only suggest this 'radical surgery' for those that are completely fed up or don't really surf the web much You can turn it on and off fairly quickly, so it's good to know the procedures.

Internet Explorer 5.X and 6.X:

1 Click on the "Tools" menu

2 Select "Internet Options..."

3 Click on the "Security" tab

4 For 5.X click "Custom" and click on the "Settings..." button.

For 6.X click on the "Custom Levels" button

5 Scroll down to the 'Scripting' section.

6 To disable: make sure "Disable" is selected under the "Active scripting" section

Now reload the page or in some cases restarting the browser is necessary

Most versions of Netscape:

1 Go to "Edit" from the main menu

2 Select "Preferences..."

3 Select the "Advanced" panel

4 To disable: make sure "Enable JavaScript" check box is unchecked

Now reload the page or in some cases restarting the browser is necessary

All other browsers will generally have a 'Settings' or 'Preferences' section that addresses JavaScript Use the help menu to find it.

AOL users can learn how to change their 'Marketing Preferences' to stop the AOL generated pop-ups at sign-on and during the session at:

<a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

If you want more resources and information on pop-ups and pop-unders, visit our radio show page at:

<a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#003399">></b></font></a>

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on May 3, 2002