Why does my computer keep restarting?

Posted By : Debbi of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 5, 2002

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The computer restarts itself. It does this on its own as well as when I'm on the net and click to go somewhere else.

This question was answered on May 5, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Before anybody can help you with this problem, you will need to provide more information.

1) When your computer restarts itself, are there any programs running? If so, please list all programs that are open at the time your computer shuts down, and if you are using any of them.

2) Do you have any Virus detection software installed? If so, then how is it configured/scheduled to work? Have you scanned your hard drive for viruses recently? (Don't let this question scare you, it's a standard question).

3) Have you already tried closing down ALL programs and running ScanDisk and Defragmenter?

4) Have you recently installed any new software, or downloaded anything from the Internet? Have you installed any new hardware?

5) Have you made any changes to your computer settings recently?

6) Has your computer always done this? If not, then what took place just before you started having these problems? Was anything new added to your computer?

7) Have you been getting ANY error messages? If so, then please write down the message, word-for-word, so you can supply that information as well (The information contained in these messages can be very useful in researching a problem).

If you could supply all, or most, of this information, I think somebody could help you with your problem.

If you would rather not submit another question, you can go to www.support.microsoft.com and research your problem This website has proven to be very useful, in most cases You are still more than welcome to resubmit your question, with more information.

Thank you!

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Posted by Debbi of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 5, 2002

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