How do I partition a Hard Drive in Windows 95?


I've just reformatted the hard drive and installed win 95 os. However when I restarted the computer, it doesn't start up. it just stops responding. I tried to boot up using a windows 98 startup disk as I don't have a 95 startup disk. However there is a message that says, my drive is not partitioned. I tried to reformat the drive but the message appears, windows 98 does not support format. What should I do?


This question was answered on July 1, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The Windows 98 Start Up disk is working fine and telling you to partition the drive Partitioning is done in Windows 95 by using a program called FDISK Type FDISK at the A: prompt to start the program There are 4 options when you get to the main menu You can create one large primary partition by selecting the first option The resulting screen will ask if you want the maximum size for a primary partition By entering "Y" for Yes it will automatically make it an active primary partition at the same time For a primary partition to boot, it must be set as the active partition Then press ESC to exit FDISK and reboot for the changes to take effect You should be able to continue with the formatting process from an A: prompt using the FORMAT C: /S command.

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Posted by Lois of Mesa Community College on July 1, 2002