How do I correct MS-DOS Compatibility Mode?


Everytime Windows 98 loads I get an error message saying "No SCSI host adapters found". Then in the system properties under the device manager tab there is a yellow exclamation point by both my primary and slave drives. Then in the performance tab toward the bottom it says: "Compatibility mode reduces overall system performance" then below it it says: " Drive C is using MS-DOS compatibility mode" While in MS-DOS compatibility mode my computer won't recognize my DVD-ROM, my CD-RW drive, and my Zip drive and it also makes my speedy 700MHz computer very sluggish. I'm sure none of the devices I have are SCSI, so why am I getting that error which I think is putting my computer into MS-DOS compatibility mode?


This question was answered on July 6, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

MS-Dos compatibility mode issues can be caused by any of the following:

1 MS-DOS compatibility mode drivers or files

2 Corrupt Boot Record

3 Registry problems

4 Computer Virus

Finding a yellow exclamation point in the Device Manager for the primary and secondary IDE channels can be caused if the protected-mode driver for the hard disk controller is not correctly initialized when you start Windows When this happens, a NOIDE value is placed in the registry that prevents Windows from making any future attempts to initialize the protected-mode driver The following steps are recommended for Windows 98 users only.

On the Windows 98 CD open the Tools\Mtsutil folder In this folder locate the Noide.inf file Right-click the file and choose install When you do this, the NOIDE value is deleted, if it exists, in the registry After installing this file, restart your computer.

If the problem continues, it may be that either the hard drive is bad or Windows is corrupted Reinstalling Windows may be necessary.

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Posted by Lois of Mesa Community College on July 6, 2002