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Posted By : Dan of Mesa Community College on September 9, 2002

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I have now received 2 emails from ?? virus scanners - filters saying email I have sent to 2 different address have this KlexWorm. I have not sent mail to these people & don't know them. I read your bit on the virus & would say I could be screwed royal as far as people thinking I'm sending this or from where it entered onto my address. The address that says it is using is my work email set up by my office. I am a realtor. This is the email through & my Century 21 office. It is not the one from my house, though it automatically forwards to an email address I have set up on cox to receive email from all my sites -,, HouseValueHunt, Century 21 Solutions and Arizona Regional MLS (ARMLS) etc so that I only have to check one site/address. So I have no idea through which site it came from (, our office & our MLS program would be most likely as they access that email address as the primary). I get alot of undeliverable bounce backs as alot of people that put in email address on HouseValueHunt either put in phoney ones (why they bother to respond to the site at that point I'll never understand) or switch emails at some point after we get their records. So the undeliverable would be hard for me to detect as not something I should be working with. (Now the 2 I did get specifically mentioned this worm virus detected in the email - again which I have not sent.) I am in trouble virus protection wise as my McAfee is 36 months old. I tried to do an upgrade through downloading, but could not find any or did not know what I was looking at. Who do I notify so this won't spread more? What do I tell them? Should I have my email address deleted/cancelled & would that help? Diane

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Make sure that you have the most up to date anti-virus pathches (dat files) from your antivi-virus program provider If you do not have an antivirus on every machine you need to purchase one of the better programs and install and do the updates

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on September 9, 2002

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