Might be a virus. this is why you can't load windows.


<will write in shortened terms so it doesn't take a month to


Just bought a used Compaq Armada. Previous owner deleted

Windows. Only got a Setup and Diagnostics disk with computer.

When I turn on computer, it says "invalid system disk". Setup

and Diag disk will load. When I swap out the floppy drive and

put in the CD drive and the Win95 CD I bought, I get "invalid

system disk." All I want to do is install Windows.


This question was answered on September 11, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


There might be a host of different problems with your computer The ones that i can think of are as follows:

1.your computer might have a boot sector virus.

2.your computer is running an anti-virus program

3.windows setup was unable to copy the system files to the hard disk

4.security software has disabled access to drive c.

Resolution:try using an anti-virus program to detect and remove the virus, and then reinstall windows try installing 95 from a floppy drive.Boot sector virus infect computers by copying info either to the boot sector or on a floppy disk or a partion table durning startup, the virus is loaded into memory.Once in memory, the virus typically infects any non-infected disks that your computer is connected to

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on September 11, 2002