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How do I install a CD-ROM?


My cdrom went kaput after 4 years. I bought a replacement (exact same make and model) and installed it. I did not change a thing, cables connected in same fashion. Somehow, my windows does not recognize the new hardware. Nothing. I have no D drive! Where did it go and why? How do I recover/restore it? CDrom does not play. It will eject a cd but nothing else. I get error message when I attempt to play cds: THERE IS NO CD-ROM PLAYER ATTACHED TO THIS COMPUTER. Thanks for listening---


This question was answered on August 29, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You did not mention configuring the jumpers and your CD-ROM will not be recognized if the jumpers are not set correctly IDE/EIDE controllers are actually two separate controllers that enable you to connect four different devices: two devices on each cable Each cable has one "master" device, and if there's a second device, it is a "slave." These priority levels are set by covering pairs of jumpers with a plastic plug according to the diagram found on the drive, or check the documentation that came with your new drive Because you're replacing an old CD drive with a new one, you should set this new drive the same way that the old one was set For example, if your hard drive is the master and you want to connect the CD on the same cable, then the CD needs to be set as a slave If the hard drive is the master and you want to connect the CD to the secondary controller (using its own separate cable), then the CD needs to be set as a master.

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Posted by Lois of Mesa Community College on August 29, 2002