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Nic acrds to coonect two pcs together

Posted By : Dan of Mesa Community College on September 4, 2002

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how can i connect two computers win 98 operating system located at different locaiton through modem both end and i can see both computer in one network and i can take printer from one computer to another computer?

This question was answered on September 4, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

To connect the two computers your first have to have them cabled together You can use the old cat3 cabling, but I would use the cat 5 cabling.It might be a good idea to have a 4 port hub too the hub controls the flow of traffic between the nodes on the network also make sure you have a nic card in each computer Its a good idea to have the nics be the same manufacture.The nic cards are responsible for sending the data between each other.set up the nics in each pc also make sure you establish the same protocals between the computers The protocals are the rules or regulations that nodes use to tranfer info.The protocals can be establised by going into start,settings,control pannel and then select network then you add the protocals you want to use.If you want your pcs to access the internet you have to select tcp/ip This protocal is also important for pcs to communicate with each other over the will have to establish the netbouis protocal too If you want your pcs to share resources between each othe you will also have to establish the client for microsoft network protocal too Make sure your pcs have these three protocals activated.

If your pcs were running side by side you can connect them by using a cross over cable.To connect the two printers together, please use a switch box You can also use a jet direct card to connect the pcs to a single printer

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on September 4, 2002

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