Fixing DDraw.Dll files


I try to run a game on my computer it loads put does`nt play and comes up with export DDRAW. DLL : diect draw create - ex . what is my computer missing


This question was answered on September 5, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


Problem:Ddraw.Dll cannot be loaded simultaneously by two instances of

of an executible file if those instances are running under different user accounts.the problem manifest itself as a dynamic Link library

initailization failure.More specically, the second instance of the process will fail to run because it cannot initialize ddraw.dll(Bottom line: DDraw.DLL cannot be loaded by an executable running under Multiple user accounts)Try and run only one account and lets see what happans?

The cause of the DDraw.Dll error:Each process that links with DDraw.Dll will create a mutex that is used internally by DDraw.Dll.If two instances of the same executible file are run simultaneously, they will share the same mutex They security on the mutex will not allow it to be opened by a thread that is running under a different user account than the thread that created the mutex(unless the second user is a member of the local admin group

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on September 5, 2002