Dynamic link library errors


A systems check revealed the following corrupted files:










How can I fix these files?

what is a dll file?

Would these corrupt files affect start-up & shutdown problems?


This question was answered on September 11, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


Based upon what i found all these files are related to Your

Dynamic Link Library(or dll), which works in direct connection with your regestry Your regesrty is were all your hardware/software configuration settings are kept.To be honest the only errors that

I can help you fix are the setupx.dll and the mssip32.dll.

The setupx.dll error occur when there is an application error this behavior can also occur if you disable virtual memory in win 3.1 before you run windows 95/98 setup.to get rid of this error please try

going to the main menu,open control panel and double-click 386 enhance.step two, click virtual memory and then click change.step three, in the type box,click permanent or temporary, and then click ok.

The Mssip32.dll error occurs typically when you run internet explorer 4.01 service pack 1 or 4.01 service pack 2 setup.When this happans, mssip32.dll file may be damaged or incorrect.to get rid of the mssip32.dll error:step 1, click start,point to find and then click files or folders,step 2 in the name box type mssip32.dll and then click find now.step 3, in the list of found files,rename each file to a .old file extension,incrementing for files after the first such as .old,old1,old 2 and so on.To rename a file,right click it, type the name file name and then press enter.step 4, quit the find tool, and then run internet explorer setup.

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on September 11, 2002