When and how do I replace a power supply?


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The problems I am facing are quite frequent irrespective of what programs I am working on or how did I shut down my computer last time. the free space on my disk is 700MB/1.9GB.

Problem 1: When I start my computer (when last time being shut down properly), most of the times it gets stuck at the beginning at while booting. ?DIMM Slot 2: Double-side SDRAM 128 MB? and just doesn?t boot further. Then I restart it, and the problem persists. Few times (say 3/10) it boots well after restarting it for number of times.

Problem 2: When my computer is working just fine, suddenly I hear a sound of ?switching OFF and ON? from the hard disk and the LED of hard disk keeps ON without blinking and during this period of time, the computer just gets stuck ?hangs up badly?. Then after a while (say 1-2 minutes) everything becomes normal and it resumes working normally and then again after working for several minutes (say 5-7), the problem repeats. During this whole cycle, I DON?T get any ERROR messages at all. The sound, which I talked about, lasts hardly for a second and is quite prominent and it seems as if ?something gone OFF and switched back ON again?.

Problem 3: Suppose everything is fine, my computer is working just good?.suddenly it restarts and the frequency of restarting increases every time it restarts. This happens irrespective of whether any program is running or not.


This question was answered on September 12, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

A slowly dying power supply often causes spontaneous reboots, as well as intermittent lockups and bootup problems Before replacing the power supply, check the connections from the power supply to the components to make sure they are tight and don't look damaged When replacing the power supply, the easiest way to make sure your getting the correct replacement part is to remove the power supply and take it with you to a local computer store There are step-by-step easy to follow instructions for removing and replacing a power supply at: http://www.pcnineoneone.com/howto/powersupply1.html?

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Posted by Lois of Mesa Community College on September 12, 2002