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Recently I runned the system file checker on my system. The program alarmed that the "Msitchy.dll" file was corrupted. So I gave the program the path of my windows98 install files. But it then returned the message it couldn't find the file there. I can't find anything on this .dll file on the internet. Now I begin to have doubts it is a windows system file at all. But it must be when considering the creation date. It's the same as the last time I reinstalled windows. And nothing else runned on my system that day.

Could you help me with some information on this .dll file? Should I just bluntly delete it and see what happens?

I thank you in advance,



This question was answered on September 13, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you reinstall your operating system you also need to reinstall the updates and patches They are not on the original operating system software On the Windows desktop, press the start button in the left bottom corner then click the Windows Update at the top of the menu After downloading all the updates and patches for your system you may find the error goes away If not contact us again please Also make certain you run the latest anti virus to see if this is a virus Good Luck!

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on September 13, 2002