Lock ups


Several times a day I get a high pitch whine and the computer locks up. After about a minute it either returns to normal operation or I get an error message that the computer cannot access the HD and I have to re-boot.

What would it cost to get the HD replaced with about a 6 GB HD and all the data on the old drive copied onto the new drive? And about how long would it take from the time I take the computer to the nearest pickup store?


This question was answered on September 14, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The price would range from $60-$100 for a 30-80 gig hard drive You may need to do scan disk and defrag to get the last use out of the present disk It sounds to me as though it is too full Perhaps you can delete some of the unneccessary files and old programs you do not use If you play games on your PC you may need to upgrade to a larger drive and more RAM memory Some tech shops that sell parts install them for little or no charge if you purchase then at that business Good Luck!

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on September 14, 2002