Can not find D:setup.exe


I have been trying to install Print Perfect Gold CD and Print Shop Essentials without success. I get the following messages:(1) cannot find the D:/setup.exe or one of it components. (2) A device attached to the system is not functioning. (3) access to the specified device, pathor file is denied. I tried playing a music CD and it played fine without any problems. What is wrong?????????



This question was answered on September 27, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Place the Print Perfect Gold CD in the CD-ROM drive From a DOS PROMPT type the letter of your CD drive then dir example D:Dir/p The slash p will give 1 page at a time, press the space bar for the next page full Do you see a setup.exe file? Have you used this CD to setup the new program before? Some of the newer CD's delete the setup exe after the first installation to stop piracy or the sharing of software which is illegal If you own the software having purchased it from the original ownwer or new then call the program help and support phone number and ask them to send you a new installation CD Also this might happen if you have not registared yourself as the rightful owner, or if the CD is setup to read your CD-ROM drive as D: when infact you have it named E or F drive You will resolve your problem by calling the CD program manufacture support line The CD-ROM drive is fine

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on September 27, 2002