Try adding more memory


I am wondering what the problem is with my computer. Here is a description of the present problem: About 3 weeks ago, I downloaded a large file, and had to leave the computer on overnight to accomplish it. Two days later, while using the file (a game), and while running another program simultaneously, my computer spontaneously shut down. Black screen, light of "hard drive" on, fans running, but nothing else. I then bought a new power supply, and slapped it in, which worked for about one day, until I ran the game again (conincidence?) and the system shut down in the same manner, unable to reboot. I returned that power supply and got another one, but it will not sart my computer. I have removed all cards (video, modem, network) and disconnected all my drives, but my computer will not bring up BIOS when turned on. Is the problem with my motherboard/processor? If yes, and I buy a new motherboard, will running this game again do the same thing (my video card is a GeForce 2 Ti, which I think should be able to handle most any graphics)?


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Maybe try adding some additional Ram to your machine I have found,

if you want to play games, try and add as much memory as possible!!!

To me 64MB if RAM isn't really enough ram to play games on

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on October 7, 2002