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The monitor shows intermittent 'stripes' (unclear patches which show become pixelated) on the desktop page and within applications (it is doing it now with this message where the pulldown menus became unreadable when we chose the first answer) and icon buttons within applications (such as Norton) often appear 'fuzzy/unclear'. It doesn't always do this and Norton Systems Doctor 2002 does not fix the problem. We have adjusted the monitor settings and rebooted the computer neither of which helps. The whole system is new--is it a problem with the monitor or with the cpu or with one of the programs that needs to be reloaded?


This question was answered on October 11, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If it is new enought that it is still under warranty, take it back, If not you can try the following.

You need to get all of the updates and patches from the WINDOWS UPDATE at the top of the start menu After you get the most current drivers the problem may be fixed After you download the updates and patches shut down your computer and re-boot so the new drivers are loaded not merely sitting on your hard drive After you reboot your system (power off/on)see if the problem is corrected.

If not, you need to check your resolution setting Right click anywhere on the Windows desktop Then click PROPERTIES to see the settings of your monitor Write down the settings as they are then try changing them so you can see what different settings look like on your monitor You can always change them back to the original setting Check the back of your monitor for the label to see if the frequency is listed __MHz or Hz Is your software settings the same as that listed on the monitor exterior label? If the number is set too high it may damage your monitor yet too low you will have the types of problems as you discribed..sometimes Also when you brought you computer home and put it all together you may have bent one of the small pins on the monitor cable Shut the comuter off and take the power plug out of the wall Pull the cable from the back of the monitor and computer to check both ends of the cable (if dual connectors.)Look for 1 bent pin that may be laying down when it needs to be straight as the other pins.

If you are not having problems with system freezes or crashes then we will assume power from the wall and the power supply are alright If these do not work contact the person who sold you the computer

PS you have a small hard drive and available space issues could be a possible problem or the video card is going bad or maybe needs to be upgrades depending on the games or software you are using.

Before you spend money you may want to try these troubleshooting tech tips Hope this helps Good Luck!

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on October 11, 2002